Monday, May 2, 2011

Clones and Fashions

This is the new website ran by 4 friends which I've recently came across and although there is not so much to read there yet, I already like it. 

Check out the footage from Government Warning show in Kearny NJ with Chronic Sick and The Night Birds in February 2011. It's edited  pretty professionally and both picture and sound are very good. That is only the first episode of CloneCast Films and as I understood it will be followed by many other concerts.

Also, for me the most interesting thing is that there is 100 days of punk section where they took well known Pushhead’s unofficial top 100 of the 80s list as starting point and they will review every record from that list by order daily. Great idea and  I'm already looking forward to reading what Matt and Nick have to say about those records.

So, I think we can expect many interesting things coming up on from these guys, so check it out:

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  1. new interview!