Thursday, November 17, 2011

The first printed issue is geting done!

So, the first  issue of Talk The Walk zine  is getting done this week and it will be printed in a week or so.
In this issue:
-interviews with: Gabriel Kuhn (Sober Living For The Revolution, Soccer Vs The State), Kalle Garmark (Effort Fanzine), Rohan Harrison (Extortion), Pol Mac Adaim, Brian Walsby, Michiel Walrave, Michael Bukowski, Jay Jacoby...
-multi interview about covers and shirt designs in hardcore
-articles about riots in Athens, blockade of Independence March in Warsaw, Spanish Civil War, Gorilla FC...
-artists' profiles
-books and zines reviews

Out in the end of November!!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Bigcartel page for the exact date.