Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Art Of Alex CF

Alex was the vocalist if Fall Of Efrafa and now he sings in Light Bearer, amazing new conceptual band. Not to forget Momentum too, a band whose recordings we are looking forward to for sure! For those of you who remember great artwork of Fall Of Efrafa albums and merch, Alex did it. I could go on about both Fall of Efrafa and Light Bearer forever, but I have to try to concentrate on artwork only. Anyway, artworks of these two bands are as much important part of their concepts as music or lyrics...

I must mention that Light Bearer released Lapsus couple of weeks ago and it's extraordinary piece of art you should definitely check out.
 Light Bearer Myspace
Lapsus is available here:

Also, you can read the interview with Light Bearer in the second issue of Rebuild zine, which will be out in May.

Alex is also a curator and custodian of the Merrylin Cryptid collection, which is collection of specimens and preserved bodies of all kinds of mythical creatures found and carefully collected by Thomas Theodore Merrylin. You can explore this collection which will leave you speechless on Alex's website and even purchase some of the specimens (yeah, seriously!).

Since this is a blog about artwork related to music, I won't post any of his paintings and stuff, for that, be sure to check out his website and blog.