Monday, March 28, 2011

Rohan Harrison

Besides their music, I've always been impressed by Extortion cover artworks and T shirts, every single one of them. All those designs are done by Rohan Harrison, the singer of this angry Aussie band.
Strongly influenced by work of legendary Raymond Pettibone, Rohan Harrison developed recognizable  brutal and sick style which you just have to love. As he said in one interview that he "ends up carried away and drawing chainsaws and axes into everything". It's surely more than that.

Anyway, he hadn't been posting any new works on his blogs until recently, which reminded me of Extortion again and of course, to post some of artwork he did for the band here...

Here are some of Extortion artwork, the rest of the artwork he did for this one and another bands be sure to check out on his blog:

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