Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artcore zine

Artcore is one of the longest running zines from UK which has been around since 1986. Besides band interviews, reviews and political commentaries, Artcore has a specific emphasis on the graphic art of hardcore  and punk movement.

 Welly, the man who is behind this great zine explains the best how and why he has started Artcore zine :
"I had no idea what I was doing. The premise was that I was into hardcore and art, and wanted to give it an art/design edge. I was big into art in school and all my work was basically hardcore stuff pretending to be projects. The first couple of issues were a real mess. I was finding my feet big-time. I borrowed my mother’s typewriter and undertook a steep learning curve at the local copy/xerox shop. Back then, I had no idea about design and print, and even photocopying was like some kind of alchemy. The buzz I got out of it made me realize that it was this is what I wanted to do. The school careers guy asked me what I wanted to do, when I said ‘something to do with art,' he said ‘don’t bother.' In retrospect, as a career choice, he was right, ha ha. But I ended up doing four years of graphic design at art college, and I still make the zine and do graphic design all the time all these years later." (whole interview on hcmorethanmusic)

Although it's not exactly sxe hardcore zine, I just love every issue's cover artwork and it's so great it's been coming out for 25 years. Check out the covers of the first 10 issues.

  You can order Artcore #27 here:

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